Single-band             Dual-band             Tri-band

Feeder Network Configuration:

2-port RXFeed-X-Ka-3
4-port RX/TX or dual-band RX
6-port RX/TX or triple-band RX

Frequency Bands:

S / C / X / Ku / DBS / Ka Band


Linear or/and circular polarization

Power Handling

Up to 2kW

Examples for ESA Ground Station Antenna Feed System

Compact C/Ku RX Feedsystem for Hiltron/SES

Examples of ESA uniqe feedsystems:

Project SARaH S- / Ka- Band for MTM

Contact for further information

ESA Microwave: Peter Kneissl
Email: peter.kneissl@esamicrowave.de

Professional counseling and problem solving

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